MAZE Token - Let's create !

MAZE is a mineable (proof-of-work) Simple Ledger Protocol token running in Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Maze token is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency virtual asset (VA*). The token is based on Mistcoin (Spedn smart contract and Bitcoin script).

Mineable-Autonomous-Decentralized (M-A-D)

MAZE operates without a central issuer and without a centralized promotion or sales developement (just like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash).

Initial amount of MAZE is 0 tokens and the token creator is not considered as Virtual Asset Provider (VASP*).

Maze token should not be considered as a financial instrument (according to MiFID* directives) or securities (even if the legal definition of a security varies by jurisdiction), because there is no central distribution or platform to operate and control the asset, no "initial offerings", "presales", "investing plans", "dividends", "staking rewards" or other "promises". Maze token is not an organization ("DAO"*) too.

However MAZE is for creative people and can be used in various projects in legal, trustless and permissionless way.
The main target markets of MAZE can be, for example, digital arts, collectibles, utilities and tokens of appreciation.
Proposed slogan is: Let`s create !
Risk: less popular than some other heavily advertised and promoted tokens.

No authority, person or company control MAZE supply. The smart contract will not allow total supply to be higher than 21 million (with 6 decimal places). However that amount might never be reached.
Risk: the token supply can not be easily manipulated, but there may be a disparity in the amount of tokens mined (the token supply depends on blockchain conditions, used code and software which might not work in far future).

The price of the token is a free market price.
Risk: limited exchange availability, temporary low liquidity, price dumping by active miners (in general, cryptocurrencies might be volatile and speculative assets).

It is assumed that MAZE is the second mineable SLP Token Type 1 and the first mineable SLP NFT1-Group Token



You can*:

  • mine MAZE and MAZE NFT Group tokens on a PC and a smartphone
  • send and receive MAZE with BCH SLP (and NFT) compatible wallets
  • buy or sell MAZE and MAZE NFT on Memo
  • swap BCH/MAZE and MAZE/BCH on CCTip
  • create (mint) unique non-fungible child tokens from MAZE NFT Group (tokenize whatever you can imagine)
  • Trade MAZE on Anycoin Exchange
  • Trade MAZE NFT on Juungle NFT Marketplace

  • *This is not an investment advice, trading advice or recommendation. This is for information purposes only. Do your own research. It is not recommended to store large amount od tokens in custodial wallets/exchanges.
    * VA, VASP - FATF: Financial Action Task Force (Draft updated Guidance for a risk-based approach to virtual assets and VASPs) definitions.
    * MiFId II - Markets in Financial Instruments Directive
    * DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization

    Other tokens mentioned below (eg. MAZE-NFT, ZOMBIE-NFT, dSLP, REBEL) are not considered as financial instruments or securities too.

    MAZE mining

    MAZE mining requires competition and resources in exchange for reward. Mining is also an innovative, decentralized way to distribute SLP tokens.
    The token mining utilizes modified open-source Mistcoin miner, Electron Cash SLP wallet and BCHD based servers for mining.
    The token minting baton is stored in a p2sh vault address.

    Download Mminer from Github. Mining tutorial for Windows and Linux is included in the repository. You can also use the original Mistcoin miner or other miners available.

    Risk: the miner is not "out of the box" application, other software and a command line must be used to setup and use the miner, "faster" miners (with better hardware or BCHD full node) might dominate mining.

    Side Token Projects - created for fun and learning purposes

  • BHACK - Blind Hackers Group - a mineable (proof-of-work) SLP Token Type 1 and mintable NFT1-Group token.

  • Blind Hackers (fiction*) were a resistance group. For years, they fought in the shadow with extensive surveillance, but they were defeated when something came out of a parallel world and began to destroy humanity. Before they all died, they had time to leave instructions to help rebirth the group and give a new beginning to the world we knew. The clues were encrypted and left in the Maze. Only the right person can find them.

    *The Book Of Maze (an interactive story - coming in 2021). Watch a rough trailer 1 and trailer 2

  • dSLP - a mineable, proof-of-work decentralized SLP universal token

  • ARENA - a mintable collector`s SLP token and a mineable (proof-of-work) NFT1-Group token (Let`s meet in the Arena !)

  • ZOMBIE - a mintable collector`s SLP token and a mineable (proof-of-work) NFT1-Group token (No bullshit, just zombie !)

  • STEREO - a mintable appreciation SLP token and a mintable NFT1-Group token for musicians and music fans (Share the music !)

  • REBEL (MAZE-REBEL) - a smart contract SLP token based on CashScript

  • This is a kind of Yield Farming - the "farmer" pays BCH to the smart contract-based address and gets REBEL tokens in return. There is no centralized distribution of REBEL tokens. Go to Github repository for tutorial.

    * You can swap these tokens on CCTip - search for pairs BCH/dSLP dSLP/BCH, BCH/BHACK BHACK/BCH etc. or Buy/Sell on Memo or Juungle.
    This is not an investment advice, trading advice or recommendation. This is for information purposes only. No "initial offerings", "presales", "investing plans", "dividends", "staking rewards" or other "promises" are related to these tokens.

    Other Stuff

    Bitcoin Book ; Bitcoin White Paper ;
    Mastering Bitcoin Cash ; Bitcoin Cash
    Token Recycler
    SLP Paper Wallet
    Mobile wallets: (BTC, BCH, SLP) ; Zapit (BCH, SLP, SLP NFT) ; Signup (BCH, SLP, SLP NFT)

    Social Media

    Github. Create a pull request if you find a bug on this website.

    MAZE Token 2020, created by B_S_Z