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Blockchain tokens and applications on Bitcoin Cash smartBCH and SLP.
Blockchain tokens and applications on Dogechain

smartBCH is a sidechain of Bitcoin Cash compatible with Ethereum's EVM and Web3 API

SLP is is a protocol on Bitcoin Cash

Dogechain is built on Polygon Edge, compatible with Ethereum smart contracts and transactions

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Enter The Underworld


MAZE MAZE is a mineable (proof-of-work) token of appreciation.

VANDALS VANDALS is a tribute token to digital arts.

ZOMBIE ZOMBIE is a satirical token.

UNDERGROUND (URGD) URGD is a deflationary token with a static reward system.

THE BOOK OF DOG (BODO) BODO is a utility token (on Dogechain).

BLOCKCHAIN INVADERS BODO is a satirical token (on Dogechain).

RENDERAI RENDERAI NFT - is a collection of AI-generated works of art (on Dogechain).


Faucet, Vandals Bank and Vandals Bank NFT are token distribution applications.

Post Box is on-chain messaging application (on smartBCH).

The Book of Dog is a blockchain guestbook. BODO token is minted with each post (on Dogechain).

BLOCKCHAIN INVADERS Faucet is INVADERS token distribution application (on Dogechain).