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About MAZE

MAZE is a mineable (proof-of-work) appreciation token created on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain as peer-to-peer virtual asset.
The token operates without a central issuer and without a centralized promotion or marketing developement.
No premine.
No presale.
No initial offering.
Decentralized distribution.
MAZE token is for creative people and can be used in a permissionless way. The token is a tradable asset, but it is not used to raise capital. There is no expectation of profit.
MAZE purpose is to leverage the creative community as the token utility.
Let`s create! You do not need to follow one path. Explore unknown. Find what is hidden.

MAZE - Bitcoin Cash SmartBCH token (SEP20)

MAZE SEP20 token was created August 31, 2021. This is a mineable token based on 0xBitcoin contract.
MAZE SEP20 contract address: 0x481De06DCA0198844faA36FCa04Db364e5c2f86C
Name: MAZE
Symbol: MAZE
Initial supply: 0
Max total supply: 21000000
Decimals: 6
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MAZE - Bitcoin Cash Simple Ledger Protocol token (SLP)

MAZE SLP token was created July 22, 2020. This is a mineable SLP token Type-1 based on Mistcoin covenant contract.
MAZE SLP token id: 553ac2ac7af0fcd4f24f9dfacc7f925bfb1446c6e18c7966db95a8d50fb378
Name: MAZE
Symbol: MAZE
Initial supply: 0
Max total supply: 21000000
Decimals: 6
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This is not an investment advice or recommendation. This is for information purposes only. Use it at your own risk and do your own research.
Interacting with cryptocurrency virtual assets always check a token id/contract address. In general, cryptocurrencies might be volatile and speculative assets.
MAZE Token should not be considered as financial instrument (according to MiFID directives) or security (the legal definition of a security varies by jurisdiction).

BCH: bitcoincash:qz85j4w64z7n3vjfztwdhnstv7w98yztksmfwd4vu0
BCH/SEP20 (SmartBCH): 0x346A5A5B5Ba9C61081294e8Bd98e30b7F6078b67
SLP: simpleledger:qz85j4w64z7n3vjfztwdhnstv7w98yztkshj9kqvz3

Simple Zombie Protocol Pure DApp by MAZE Token, 2020-2022

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