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Real-time animated clocks

Clocks NFTs are created for educational purposes. Clocks display the current time.
Part one - analog clocks:
- there are 10 NFTs of each kind with white clock face
(5 with white background and 5 with black background).
Part two - digital clocks:
- coming soon.

You must have Web3 wallet (MetaMask, MathWallet) configured for smartBCH (Bitcoin Cash side-chain).
Reload the page if it is not connected to MetaMask.
MetaMask doesn`t display animation urls (canvas), so animated CLOCKS NFTs are not yet visible in the wallet app (you will see static images).
You can view CLOCKS NFT here.

You may need to reload the page to see yours CLOCK NFT token Ids

Analog Clocks NFTs tokens IDs as follows:
BCH Clock: 0-10
smartBCH Clock: 11-20
MIST Clock: 21-30
xMIST Clock: 31-40
LNS Clock: 41-50
xLNS Clock: 51-60
MAZE Clock: 61-70
ZOMBIE Clock: 71-80
VANDALS Clock: 81-90

Contract address: 0x7E785284948348515ae8E9d5455Ca7D8b21717e1

Analog clocks W3Schools Canvas Clock
BCH image
smartBCH image
MIST/xMIST images
LNS/xLNS images
Clocks NFTs are not related to BCH, smartBCH, MISTswap DEX and bch domains developers.

.bch domain:

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