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Basic info:

MAZE is a mineable (proof-of-work) token of appreciation, created on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain as peer-to-peer virtual asset.
The token operates without a central issuer and without a centralized promotion or marketing developement.

No premine.
No presale.
No initial offering.
Decentralized distribution.

MAZE token is for creative people and can be used in a permissionless way.
MAZE purpose is to leverage the creative community as the token utility.

MAZE smartBCH SEP20 token was created August 31, 2021. It is based on 0xBitcoin contract.
MAZE is the fastest mined token ever (because of mining reward calculation mistake ;-)

MAZE is also mineable (proof-of-work) BCH SLP token based on MIST covenant contract.
See MAZE SLP token.

MAZE SEP20 contract address: 0x481De06DCA0198844faA36FCa04Db364e5c2f86C
Name: MAZE
Symbol: MAZE
Decimals: 6
Initial supply: 0
Max total supply: 21,000,000.000000
Genesis transaction.

MAZE mining - smartMaze

MAZE on SmartScan smartBCH explorer
MAZE on Sonar smartBCH explorer
MAZE on Marketcap.cash
MAZE on DexScreener
MAZE on MISTswap DEX - swap MAZE for BCH or other tokens.
MISTswap Analytics

Stake MAZE in Vandals Bank and get UNDERGROUND (URGD) as staking reward.

You must have MetaMask or Math wallet configured for smartBCH (Bitcoin Cash sidechain).
Reload the page if it is not connected or "undefined".