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URGD token

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Realizing that your power is hidden.

Basic info:

UNDERGROUND is a deflationary reflection token with static reward system and burn mechanism, created April 29, 2022.

Symbol: URGD
Contract address: 0x423805e13AF3f3183500BaE7Cf15c50420eC0bEF
Total fixed initial supply: 66,000,000.00000000
Genesis transaction
No pre-sale. No initial offering.

URGD on SmartScan smartBCH explorer
URGD on Sonar smartBCH explorer

URGD on DexScreener
URGD on MISTswap DEX - swap URGD for MAZE, ZOMBIE, VANDALS or other tokens
MISTswap Analytics BCH/URGD - low liquidity
MISTswap Analytics MAZE/URGD

URGD holders are rewarded by earning a passive income.
Any transactions involving URGD will incur 0.5% fee (see excluded accounts below):
- 0.25% is allocated among token holders,
- 0.25% is burned.

15 million URGD is locked in Vesting Wallet since May 14, 2022 untill November 2023:
- see transaction,
- Vesting Wallet address.

Interact with Underground contract with One Click Dapp.

  • Claim URGD from faucet
  • Stake MAZE token in Vandals Bank and get URGD as staking reward.

  • Projected URGD distribution:

    Owner: 6,000,000.00000000
    Promotion: 5,000,000.00000000 (giveaways, airdrops, etc.)
    Faucet: 10,000,000.00000000
    Vandals Bank staking rewards: 10,000,000.00000000
    Vesting Wallet: 15,000,000.00000000
    Other (dev address): about 20,000,000.00000000 (DEX liquidity, etc.)

    Reflection excluded accounts:

    0x423805e13AF3f3183500BaE7Cf15c50420eC0bEF - underground contract address
    0xe03426FbaF4e72C366Aa9b5e411336e95feB96Aa - dev address (treasury wallet)
    0x0FF69099D2F9cAc22B1C2D8f829a5Edd38d8980D - owner promotion address
    0x1dE3af0935351F2bBb889134d24dBB1E6c7050ea - owner private address
    0x6FAE0c62687EdCCDe384eD12cC0513c7436A4b5C - faucet address
    0x381Fe35FCcA720efda008Ed182D0210519928638 - vandals bank address
    0x19C1Cd671d4D6BB9f4300e74a126ba31bDe441Bb - vesting wallet address
    0x5d0bF8d8c8b054080E2131D8b260a5c6959411B8 - MISTswap router
    0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 - burn address

    Fee excluded accounts:

    0xe03426FbaF4e72C366Aa9b5e411336e95feB96Aa - dev address (treasury wallet)
    0x381Fe35FCcA720efda008Ed182D0210519928638 - vandals bank address
    0x19C1Cd671d4D6BB9f4300e74a126ba31bDe441Bb - vesting wallet address

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