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No bullshit! Just Zombie.

Basic info:

"Simple Zombie Protocol, Zombie Network, Braindead Finance, Roadmap to Hell & DoomFi"*
presents ZOMBIE token - the best virtual asset ever released.

ZOMBIE is a satirical token, created August 17, 2021.

Symbol: ZOMBIE
Contract address: 0x80453ACDfE0073D6743B27D72e06F48777EeAd80
Total fixed supply: 1,000,000,000
Genesis transaction - the first bite.

No pre-sale. No initial offering.
No promises. No whitepaper or toilet paper. Not tested on animals.
No nonsense, but pure zombie universe.
The token does nothing (and everything at the same time) and has no economic utility (just like 99% of your favorite tokens – even if they promise you something).
Be like a zombie. Join the horde and have fun. Send ZOMBIE to a friend or enemy. Use the token for everyting you want.

ZOMBIE on SmartScan smartBCH explorer
ZOMBIE on Sonar smartBCH explorer
ZOMBIE on Marketcap.cash
ZOMBIE on DexScreener

ZOMBIE contract ownership is renounced to 0x0... address.

ZOMBIE on MISTswap DEX - swap ZOMBIE for BCH or other tokens.
MISTswap Analytics

Claim ZOMBIE from faucet.

Stake ZOMBIE in Vandals Bank and get VANDALS as staking reward.


90% of ZOMBIE total supply is locked in Vesting Wallet since November 9, 2021 (the horde is waiting).
Vesting (time-lock) duration period is 2 years.
Vesting Wallet address.
Vesting Wallet One Click Dapp.

You must have MetaMask or Math wallet configured for smartBCH (Bitcoin Cash sidechain).
Reload the page if it is not connected to Zombie Master or "undefined".

See ZOMBIE SLP token.